Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for AlbumPro

If you have any question or a problem with AlbumPro installation. Please feel free to contact me via Skype "JuMayr". I am happy to help

The installation of AlbumPro is pretty simple on most PCs und Macs.

Done right, it takes about 5 minutes.

Follow this steps!

1. If you are a CreativeCloud User, you have to install "ExtendedScript Toolkit" via Adope App-Manager first.

2. Rightclick on "Install_AlbumPro_V35.jsx" and open with "ExtendedScript Toolkit".
!!!!! You will be asked if you want to run the script. Say NO !!!!!
The Script will be loaded within the ESTK (ExtendedScript Toolkit).

3. Inside the ESTK there is a dropdown box in the top left are. Select InDesign from this box and allow ESTK to start InDesign.

4. Once, InDesign is running, you will notice a green progressbar in the ESTK window at the bottem left side. It is about updating the InDesign ObjectModel.
!!!!!! Wait, till this is done !!!!!!

5. Now you can start the installscript with the small green arrow at the top right in ESTK. After a while you will be asked to restart InDesign and Bridge.


There is an installation logfile on your desktop to help me if anything went wrong.