Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I can not find the User Library Folder on Mac OSX

I can not find "Template Selector" in the Bridge menu on Mac OSX

Due to some security settings you might need to copy the folowing file "analyze_selected_imgs.jsxbin" to the bridge startup script folder.

You can find the bridge startup script folder in Bridge | Preferences | Startup Scripts | Show my startup scripts

For some reason the install script does not work on my PC/MAC. Can i install manually?

Sure.. use this PDF (Page 2) as a guideline for manual installation. 


I can not find the folder AppData on my PC

The folder AppData is a hidden folder.

You can either type it in the adressbar or you can make the hidden folders vissible.
Go to Control Panel/Folder options/View/Show hidden files and folders in the windows explorer.

I get an error "unable to process image" during the album export.

I am pretty sure that you open JPEGs in Photoshop with the RAW Converter.
If this is true, please deactivate this option in the photoshop filehandling section.


I can not use the template library. It only shows ??? in the template selector

The solution is pretty simple.

Please navigate to this folder:
Mac: /Users/##USERNAME##/Library/Application Support/AlbumPro
PC: C:\Users\##USERNAME##\AppData\Roaming\AlbumPro

Within this folder there should be a folder with the same name as the library containing preview JPEG files. 

For the Lib_1x1 template library the folderstructure is

Mac: /Users/##USERNAME##/Library/Application Support/AlbumPro/Lib_1x1/xyz.jpg
PC: C:\Users\##USERNAME##\AppData\Roaming\AlbumPro