How to activate AlbumPro

How to activate AlbumPro after purchase?

To activate AlbumPro after your purchase, go to InDesign, create an empty Document and click on Request Serialnumber in the AlbumPro menu. 

Enter your Name and your eMail-Adress.

After the final OK you will find a file called AlbumPro_Seriennummer.xml on your desktop.

Please send this file together with your Paypal Payment notification to

Within 48 hours you will receive your licence key in return.

You need to save the licencekeyfile you get into this folder:
Mac: /Users/##USERNAME##/Library/Application Support/AlbumPro
PC: C:\Users\##USERNAME##\AppData\Roaming\AlbumPro

Please, be aware that the licencekey is valid only on the system where the serialnumber was requested from.