Template Libraries

AlbumPro can manage an unlimited number of different InDesign libraries with templates. With AlbumPro you will get over 1000 album templates pre-installed for your convenience. These templates are designed by professionals to jumpstart your album design process. Once you are familiar with AlbumPro you can start to create your own template collection for different album orientations or other purposes like thank-you-cards, babyalbums, senior collages...

You name it, AlbumPro can do it.

Why you need multiple librarie support

Killing two birds with one stone.
Imagine you are in the process of creating a wedding album. While selecting the images for the next spread you find the perfect three images for a thank-you-card. With multible library support in AlbumPro you simply start the template selector and instead of choosing the album template library, you select the library with your thank-you-card templates.