Mark Images in Bridge

Never use an image twice without realizing it.

Working with a couple of hundred images during the design process of an album can cause headaches if you try to avoid double usage of images. For sure, you can manually rate and label images in Bridge once you have used them, but let’s be honest - sooner or later you loose control.

With AlbumPro you have consistent rating and labels in Bridge for every single image you used in the album.

Add an image to InDesign and the file is rated/labeled in Bridge.

Remove the image from the album and the rating/label in Bridge will be removed.

This happens in realtime.

The best thing: You can even use this feature for albums you already started.

Activate the feature from the AlbumPro menu in InDesign and the next time you save the album, the ratings and labels for every single image in the album will be updated.

You can define if you want to use ratings (1-5 stars) or colored labels (defined in Adobe Bridge) or both.

If you decide to use ratings for your own organization purpose and colored labels for the automation, AlbumPro will not touch the rating of your images at any time.

Never loose control over the images used in an album.