Add Page to Library

AlbumPro will grow while you work with it

Beauty often lies in the simplicity of things.
AlbumPro gives you the option to save an active spread as a new template WITH JUST ONE (1) CLICK.
Whilst this feature is incredibly easy for you to use, AlbumPro will perform a chain of actions in the background.
It will remove the images from the frames and save the template to the chosen library. Then it gives each frame a user defined stroke and fillcolor, exports the spread as a JPEG file in a library-specific folder and reduces it to 125px long edge* to act as a preview thumbnail for the Template Selector.

But don’t worry ~ saving a new template is ONE CLICK FOR YOU.

Since AlbumPro is able to handle multiple libraries, you can start and create your own collection of templates.
If you think your templates are standing out of the crowd, you can offer them for purchase at the Template Store on the website of AlbumPro.

(* requires Adobe Photoshop)