Sharpen Images & Export Album

Forget everything you know about sharpening!

To make a very long story really short.
AlbumPro gives you the ability to export your album with perfectly sharpened images for the final album size.

If you start the perfect export feature you enter the size of the exportfiles and the DPI of the output device plus the sharpening method you want to apply in addition to the bicubic resize sharpening. Your album manufacturer can give you this information.

Once you click ok, you can watch the magic going on.
AlbumPro makes a copy of your album and all the images, so your original work remains untouched.
Then it resizes the entire album to the output size you entered.
After that every single image is transferred to Adobe Photoshop and is resized to the size it will have in the final album and the DPI of the output device. During the resize the bicubis sharper method is used if the image will be downsized for the album. After the downsize the additional sharpening or sharpen edge is applied to the image.
Back in InDesign the images are updated.
When all images are resized, AlbumPro exports every spread as a single JPEG file that you can upload to your album vendor.

In addition, you can choose to add cropmarks to the exportfiles and select a clean-up option to remove all temporary created files.

This perfect export feature was implemented by a professional prepress operator, who does the prepress for many high gloss magazines on a daily basis.