"Album Pro hat meinen Workflow im Layout von Fotobüchern revolutioniert! Für professionelle Hochzeitsfotografen, die ohnehin mit der Creative Suite von Adobe arbeiten, nur die logische Konsequenz zur Software– und Zeitoptimierung – Photoshop, Bridge und InDesign arbeiten hier Hand in Hand.
Besonders wertvoll sind für mich bei Album Pro die Möglichkeiten der individuellen Template-Gestaltung. So behält jeder Album-Designer seine ganz persönliche Handschrift.
Zu meinen täglichen Worklflow gehört Album Pro wie Photoshop, Lightroom oder InDesign und ist aus diesem nicht mehr wegzudenken – für mich die beste Software-Innovation der letzten Jahre!"

René Lahn - Deutschland - www.hamburger-hochzeitsfotos.de

AlbumPro 3 for MAC & PC

The future of modern AlbumDesign has begun.
AlbumPro is the best and most complete Templatecollection money can buy.
But AlbumPro is way more than "stupid" templates.
AlbumPro is an extension to Adobe InDesign® CS5+ (CC2014 is not supported yet) and Bridge® to ease and speed up the workflow while creating wedding albums, photo-books, thank-you-cards and many more.

AlbumPro 3 solves most of the problems you frequently encounter as a professional album designer.

With the same price for the final result your earnings per hour will quadruple.
Do not invest in false promises and try the DEMO.

What's new in AlbumPro 3:

1. Almost every known bug from earlier AlbumPro Versions are solved.

2. Additions to the Album Export Module
The focus of development in AlbumPro 3 was on the album export.
The following options have been added.

a) Export in mm or pixels.

b Keep exact aspect ratio when exporting.
If the function is activated, you can change the width or height and the other value is automatically calculated.

c) Color Management

Previously the files were exported in the color space that was set in Adobe Photoshop.
Version 3 the default is sRGB color space on exports.
In the file in Exportpresets_V3.txt in the AlbumPro folder you can now create other export presets with any color space you want.

d) Fit-to-Size option
With AlbumPro 3, it is possible to export an abum in any size (even with mismatched aspect ratios) without the edges beeing cut.

The area of the export file that is not filled with content will automatically be colored black.
This is e.g. useful if an album is exported for the exact iPad resolution or for a full-HD TV size

e) Split Pages (cutting into right and left sides)
AlbumPro 3 always operates with double side files.
Some manufacturers such as BLURB expect to upload single pages..
Now there is the possibility to keep the pages in addition to the right and left halves at the end of exports.

f) Automatic saving of the document before exporting.

3. Intelligent library sorting
To make the template selection with the Template Selector even clearer, the templates are now sorted intelligently.
Each time a template is used, increases automatically the priority of this template.
The sorting within the areas "Perfect" and "OK" will now take place on the basis of priority.
The more often a template is used, the earlier it is found in the selection list.

4. Template Reselector
The new feature allows to start the Template Selector again with current images of a page.
The images must not be searched and selected in Bridge.
This feature is especially helpful when a bride and groom would have an image more or less on a spread.
Simply drag the image anywhere on the page or delete the unnecessary image and start the Template ReSelector from the AlbumPro Menu.

5. The Template Selector automatically creates a new page (after the current one), if there is content on the current page.

6 The "Save page as a template" has been extended.
Templates can now handle embedded and locked objects
Take a look what you can do with this new feature:

7. Thumbnails of the templates
If there is no corresponding thumbnail graphic available for a template, this does not lead to an interruption of the template selector. Instead, the file na.jpg from the AlbumPro directory is displayed.

8. Streamlined Installation
The auto installation has been further improved.
Besides installing the manufacturer templates no manual steps are necessary.

9. The Template Selector has become faster by about the factor 100.

10 The library for square albums has been completely revised
Errors in some templates were adjusted and the orientation of the frames has been optimized.
Those who have already saved your own templates in the previous library can ask for my free transfer service.

11 ShuttlePro V2 Support
There is nothing that can not be done better.
Within the package of 3 AlbumPro I deliver my settings for the ShuttlePro V3 keyboard.


If you do not cut down your AlbumDesign time by at least 50 % you'll get your money back.